Narveen Dosanjh MD


Dr. Narveen Dosanjh is a Medical Doctor and a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has become a leader and visionary in psycho-spiritual integration. She embraces the entire body/mind system as on interdependent unit and treats patients holistically.  She is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Psychiatrist and a unique physician who integrates the best of ancient wisdom and healing practices from around the world with her vast knowledge of modern medicine, holistic medicine, neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, spirituality, mindfulness and metaphysics to restore the mind, body and spirit. Conscious living is cultivated so that patients can achieve balance, happiness and peace. Dr Dosanjh has developed an extensive background in spiritual and transformative elements of life: one that is both knowledge and experience based. She is truely gifted in bridging the worlds of modern science and spiritual domains. She is here to help people heal in whatever way they feel they need to. She has numerous tools in her box of healing and can treat each patient with the individual attention and care that is right for them in their own journey of growth and return to wellness.

Dr. Dosanjh has a successful practice in Manhattan, New York where she has worked with patients from all over the world, all walks of life and industries including UN and government officials, media and entertainment artists , entrepreneurs, physicians, , lawyers, teachers, finance executives, stay at home moms, college students and the elderly across the span of  socioeconomic demographics, race, culture and religion to deliver an approach of healing that is universal and relatable. She is sought after by clients from all over the world and has an international clientele.

Dr. Dosanjh does not do traditional therapy.  She offers private sessions for those interested in spiritual life coaching to explore specific concepts and goals for personal development.  She also facilitates several workshops centered in  principals of spirituality, meditation  as well as women’s self- empowerment. 

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Dr.Dosanjh is the most genuine and amazing doctor I have come across. She has helped me tremendously by putting me on the right combination of treatments and she integrates unique modalities.She spends the time to communicate and gently guides you through treatment. She is very intelligent and kind. There is something very special about her and as her patient you are lucky to finally be helped, seen and heard. She has been the miracle for my life and my return to wellness. Absolutely love her”


M.K, Client

“I first started seeing Dr. Dosanjh for medication after being hospitalized for bipolar and depressive episodes. Prior to seeing Dr. Dosanjh, I’d been in therapy but had never been medicated, and was afraid of medication. Unlike other psychiatrists, Dr. Dosanjh has an integrative approach to medication and understands how things like thyroid disorders or vitamin deficiencies can affect the brain. With her treatment(which included both conventional psychiatric medication and prescription vitamins), Dr. Dosanjh brought me from a state of crying every day, all day post-hospital and being anxious to being completely stable within a few months of being treated by her. Within a month of her treatment, I was able to return to school and, within a year, I earned a professional license in my field. A goal I’d been trying to do for years before Dr. Dosanjh’s treatment. She really cares about her patients and wants them to succeed to the point that they do not need to solely depend on her, which is a rare quality in the psychiatric profession. I really wish I’d had her treatment ten years ago”


A.E, Client

218“Dr.Dosanjh is fantastic! I have been seeing psychiatrists and therapists for years before her and never had I improved or gotten better. Working with her finally my life has done a complete turn around. She combines so much diverse knowledge from spirituality to positive psychology to herbs to medications. A trusted medical guide in my life. I have been with her for years and I’m beyond thankful everyday that I found her. There have bent times that she has picked up on underlying medical issues that even my internists have missed.Most other psychiatrists would see me for only a 15 min harsh meaningless med checks.I have never had a psychiatrist spend this much time with me and care so deeply about my issues Best of the best.! Love her!” D.A, Client

215“Dr.Dosanjh is incredible! There is no other psychiatrist like her out there. She’s unique in her treatment approach and she’s like a life coach, guiding you step by step to a happier and healthier version of yourself. She’s changed my life. I wish the mental health system would learn from her gifts. If you are looking for a psychiatrist and you ONLY want the very best… then book with her.”
E.A, Client

229“Since I started seeing Dr. Dosanjh my mental and physical health have improved dramatically. Literally a 180. I love the traditional + holistic approach. Because of the methods we use, I am now more motivated to eat healthy, exercise, and spend more time with friends. I really couldn’t ask for more. Especially having seen so many docs in the city, I feel lucky to have found Dr. D.” T.G, Client