Dr.Dosanjh also an Author, Speaker, Meditator, Spiritual Teacher and Women’s Empowerment Workshop Leader who enjoys philanthropy, activism, challenging the status quo and being a voice for stuff that matters.

-Emmit Brown,

Narveen Dosanjh MD

Dr Narveen Dosanjh is an Integrative Psychiatrist who assimilates her vast and diverse knowledge from the best of ancient wisdom, alternative and modern cotemporary medicine to give patients a unique perspective and experience. What makes Dr. Dosanjh truly distinctive is her ability to integrate from every modality of healing and remain open as a physician and seeker to anything that can assist with her only and ultimate goal; which is to sincerely help her patients.Combining medications, herbs, vitamins, dietary and lifestyle modification, supplements, mindfulness based practices, spiritual techniques and practical tools to help her patients achieve mental, emotional and physical healing. She works closely with her patients in a team approach and helps them to transform themselves and their life one step at a time.

Dr Dosanjh is also an Intuitive Healer, Life Coach, Positive Psychologist, Mystic, and a Spiritual  Teacher who combines supportive therapy and positive psychology with mindfulness based practices, metaphysical principals, intuition, spiritual concepts from around the world, mind-body approaches, various tailored mediation practices and relaxation breathing techniques. She has always been intrigued with spirituality and has been an avid learner of spirituality from a young age. She has journeyed throughout the world and has worked closely with spiritual healers from many faiths and tradition  in various places of worship, centre’s, temples and ashrams, all the while learning and exploring different healing modalities and spiritual practices. Now she has become a spiritual teacher and incorporates very practical guidance, support and tools into her practice. Dr. Dosanjh is highly regarded by peers and patients for being refreshingly relatable ,warm, kind, intelligent and a passionate visionary who is cutting edge in her approach to medicine and her philosophy of care.


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