What is Mind Body Kinetics?

Mind Body Kinetics is a transformative healing technique developed by renowned Integrative Psychiatrist and visionary Dr. Dosanjh. It combines both physical and mental healing modalities from different parts of the world; allowing these concepts to join into one powerful, physical mindfulness session.  Science has now proven what ancient traditions have known for a long time: that the mind and body are inseparable.  This workshop intends to help connect the psychological mind and body without conflict through the concept of physical mindfulness.

Mindfulness is defined as turning your awareness and attention to your body and breath.  Mind Body Kinetics targets the subconscious mind by using energetic principles and concepts not traditionally included in most existing western practices.  Mind Body Kinetics is a restoration and healing process that can be achieved through a combination of specific movements, release therapy, multiple forms of meditation, ancient breathing techniques, sound therapy, and guided visualization all seamlessly connected for a potent and powerful Mind Body experience.

We are utilizing the body to affect the mind and over time; building more conscious awareness, and having better control over mental and emotional states.  This mindful presence will bring awareness to emotional wounds, pain, stress triggers and conflicts.  When done on a regular basis, reported benefits include release of stress and chronic tension, an increase of energy and stamina, anxiety reduction, improved overall mood and emotional resilience, release of buried emotional and physical trauma.  Continued practice with Mind Body Kinetics has also shown improvements in the symptoms of OCD, PTSD, Panic Disorder, Sciatica and Fibromyalgia among others.

The reduction of pain and improvements in circulation, concentration, awareness, flexibility, and even within your interpersonal relationships will lead you to a greater sense of peace and overall well being.

To participate in the Mind Body Kinetics Technique please schedule an Initial Consultation appointment with Dr. Dosanjh in order to be medically cleared for participation.

Please schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Dosanjh today. Insurance coverage may apply for both the initial consultation and Mind Body Kinetics.

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