Narveen Dosanjh Services

Dr Dosanjh is a psychiatrist with a broad knowledge of medications , an MD who is able to appropriately assess the possible impact of medical issues on the mind and directly evaluate the mind body connection. She is also a healer and metaphysical teacher, life coach and practices mindfullness positive psychology and meditation. Lifestyle recommendations and practical guidance is also important. A journey of healing and step by step transformation with increased reliance on your own power is the goal.

Dr. Dosanjh does not do traditional therapy.  She offers private sessions for those interested in spiritual life coaching to explore specific concepts and goals for personal development.

Initial evaluation includes 1 hour complete assessments of mind, body and spirit .
A treatment plan is discussed and when appropriate initiated. Dr Dosanjh often is consulted for her vast knowledge and perspective on existing medication regimens and alternative therapies. She also works closely with patients to devise an initiate an invidualized plan that is tailored to their specific needs.

Dr. Dosanjh treats a wide variety of psychiatric conditions including various forms of depression and anxiety, bipolar, insomnia, ADHD, lifestyle and personal development issues and she also provides couples counseling.

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