Throughout her years as an integrative psychiatrist, Dr. Dosanjh has always taken note to recurring issues within her patients, as well as friends and family members, that prevent them from achieving their highest level of contentment, peace, and happiness.  Dr. Dosanjh put together these 55 Life Lessons to teach readers how to evolve to a state of elevated consciousness to live a mindful life.  It is about developing the tools to access the deepest parts of your inner being in order to achieve a true awareness of your core nature.  There are basic principles of life that everyone knows but have pushed from the forefront of their consciousness due to the intricacies of day to day life.  Soul Seeds is about making a point to consciously acknowledge these simple principles in such a way that it becomes a seamless and effortless part of every decision, thought, and action.  This will be done through lessons, poems, artwork, cross cultural teachings that are universal in nature, and inspirational quotes that Dr. Dosanjh has personally developed as well as quotes from thought leaders.

Soul Seeds is a guide to living a conscious and mindful life that is accessible to all individuals, spanning across gender and age, and to those both experienced and inexperienced with the self-help world.  As a practicing Integrative Psychiatrist with a thriving private practice in Manhattan, New York, and a collaborator between the worlds of science and spirituality, Dr. Dosanjh noticed a gap within the self-help world.  Many people are attracted to quick self-help advice given to them in the form of memes, and often don’t delve deeper into the concepts that they connect with.  The memes are great for what they are in the moment, but fail to go deeper in the construction of personal growth and transformation in a real and understandable way in their lives.

While conducting many spiritual, self-help and targeted women’s workshops, Dr. Dosanjh has created a book that combines eastern philosophy, mindfulness, self-help, psychotherapy, and spirituality.  Soul Seeds is a compilation of developmental lessons that are digestible, easy to understand and applicable for creating lasting change in every day life.


Soul Seeds will be published soon.